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It's starting to feel like home again...

Finally, I'm getting back to looking like myself on livejournal. Not that I didn't like the cool, clean lines of the basic livejournal skin, but, I've gotten so used to seeing Kikumaru each time I logged on that not seeing her felt kind of lonely.

But I've updated all the image links in my outside groups and now, I've updated the image links in my "style". So all that's left is to go through my journal entries and update those links.

I really wanted this done right after photobucket pulled their little stunt, but work and life had conspired to make that damn near impossible. But then I twisted the holy hell out of my ankle yesterday and so I find myself unable to get up and really do anything like, say, clean house or grocery shop and so, since I'm stuck in a chair with a foot propped up, I figured, no time like the present. *grins*

I could be putting assignments together for the fourth year pharmacy student I am getting on Monday, but... where's the fun in that?

So instead, I plan to spend the day trolling through my own livejournal entries, trying to match broken links with active links, all whilst fussing at the beasts for always managing to stand or lay right where I need to see. *laughs*

Wish me luck!

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