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Dear Photobucket,

So yeah. Apparently some time yesterday, photobucket decided to hold the links to all my photos hostage unless I agreed to pay them $400/year.

Yeah. No.

Don't get me wrong--I support their right to make their site make money. Had they bothered to do something as decent as emailing me, letting me know that they would no longer be providing free image linking service, and telling me what plans they were offering (and, lets me honest, if they were offering something a little more reasonable than $400/year for the tiny accounts like my own), I might have been tempted to "buy-in," so to speak. After all, I've been using the service for free since 2004. I get how nice that was.

But just changing all my images to ads for your services over night? That just pisses me off. Taking something I spent hours and hours designing and tweaking and destroying it? Now I'll never use you again. Even if you were free.

So--sorry about the broken image links. I'll be taking care of that as soon as is possible, starting with the group pages.

And photobucket? Fuck off, buddy.
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