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Kitty Love...

Got this magazine in the mail today:


I'm impressed with how well they know their audience.

Impressed, and a little offended. Hahahaha! Kitty love, indeed. The kitties are but, er, five, of my many, many, many valentines.

At least, that's how I intended to tell the tale. ;)


Speaking of magazines, we were also graced with this today:


Oh X-Files, my X-Files, how I do adore thee.

I spent the better part of three hours the other night trolling youtube for various and sundry videos re: new 6 episode series. It looks so very promising. I've almost got my hopes up. I have already arranged to get off work for the first episode Sunday night and the second on Monday.

I didn't realize that this still meant so much to me. I actually find my fingers itching to dust off the old website again.

Here's to hoping!
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