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X-Mas 2015!

In what is turning out to be the theme for this holiday, I got mostly done with what was supposed to be my christmas ornaments for this year only to find out that I didn't have the #4 Kreinik braid I though that I did and that I needed. This is after having come to the same conclusion about three weeks back and ordering the missing braids. Only I didn't bother to really look at them when they came in and, instead of #4s, I got blending filament. Biiiiiiiggg difference. Needless to say, I've (re)ordered them. Again.

Second time's the charm? *shrugs*

So, I've put the ornaments I originally intended for my mother and grandmother to the side and dove into my stash, looking for something, anything that could be stitched up before December 23rd.

Thankfully, I did find some wooden "frames" and, along with some beads I had (I'm a sucker for beads, never leave a craft store without more beads. I have hundreds of them despite not having even the slightest interest in jewelry making/wearing.) manged to stitch these up quickly.

.     .

A special thanks to the pinterest user who posted a picture of their christmas ornaments stitched on the same frames. I copied your designs shamelessly.

Special bonus! When my Kreinik #4 braids come in, I'll have next year's christmas ornaments done as well! *grins*
Tags: #4, #4s, cross stitch
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