Jamalyn (jamalyn) wrote,

Cross Stitch Blues...

Sat down (or rather, stood up) to get started on my yearly christmas ornaments (not early, but not yet late) only to realize that I didn't have two of the special Kreinik fibers I needed. ARGH!

And yes, for the record, I am one of those people who cannot start until everything is ready to go.

Never-you-mind, there are plenty of other potential patterns for christmas ornaments I could stitch. No, I have my heart set on these, so yeah, that's not going to happen.

Never-you-mind, I could finish getting everything else ready to go to work on the ornaments. But frankly, the idea of spending the afternoon taping off fraying edges and filling and labeling bobbins knowing that the endgame won't involve actual stitching leaves me less than motivated.

Never-you-mind, christmas is only 26 days away. After all, I've stitched under tighter pressures.

So I shall wait. And maybe wrap christmas presents (but probably not) and hope, hope, hope, that the order I just placed arrives quickly and uneventfully.

Or not.

Because lets be honest, I don't know if it would really feel like christmas if I weren't worrying over some last minute stitching. Hahaha! I've always managed to get it done... even if it meant staying up until the wee hours of christmas morning, so, no doubt, I'll manage yet again. BOLO for this years ornaments. They're coming. I swear. Most likely before the 25th (I hope).

And spoiler alert: they'll sparkle. *grins*

Happy Holidays!

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