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I think I can still hear Wonderwall playing...

On the list of things that make me smile:

I found a box of bank statements from the late 1990s a few weekends ago whilst cleaning out a closet and finally sat down to shred them just today. In the middle I found an old note I had written with some email address on it. I have a vague memory of only one of the three names, mostly because she was a fellow X-Phile and the first real-life fangirl I had ever met. She also had a hole in the floor of her apartment (ah, college life) right by the front door that you had to step over to enter. Good times.

But what made me smile were the actual email addresses: person1@aol.com, person2@xshrine.com and person3@netscape.net

I am proud to say that person 2's webmail was through my own X-Files fan site. Hahaha! The netscape one brought up a sense of vague nostalgia. And I actually know someone today that's still using an AOL account (albeit to much ribbing from the general public).

Still, I smiled.

Oh, the '90s!

Now I've also found a movie stub for Anna and the King (1999). It cost a whole $3.50! Hahaha!

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