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A twisted mind...

I had the most terrible thought. And yet...

I was taking the garbage out to the curb for an early-Monday morning pick-up when I noticed a complete stranger who was driving past was gawking into my open garage.

The gawking doesn't bother me per say; it is a completely human thing to do. I, myself, love nothing more than the little sneak peaks, if you will, you can get into a persons life whist driving past a neighbor's lit up home late some evening.

It's how I know so many of my neighbors watch Fox News.

It's how I know that my one neighbor doesn't and why I secretly like them a little more than anyone else. ;)

Still, as I saw this person doing only what persons do, I was struck with the most awful, sinister thought.

Why not have something on the back wall of my garage (the wall most visible to would be gawkers) that would leave them wondering if they really saw what they just thought they saw.

At first my mind went to the pitifully obvious gore. Perhaps something that might make one wonder if a murder had just been committed and if what I was rolling to the curb was something more than trash.

But truth is, that would probably disturb me more than anyone so I quickly nixed that idea.

However, I did not intend to give up. My next thought and the one that has really managed to stick with me is to fly as far to the other end of the spectrum as possible. Rainbows and butterflies, flowers and bunnies, all bright and sparkling and, even in its own way, creepily, sinisterly happy.

Now imagine getting an eyeful of that whilst engaging in your all too human, late evening snooping.

It would really make you think. Mwahahahaha!

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