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Ken comes to me at least three times a day very wet. Not soaking wet, but very, significantly wet. I was really starting to worry that there was a leak somewhere in my house that I didn't know about because it was somewhere only the cats could get.

I went so far as to take a flashlight around looking at all the ceilings and walls, trying to find water damage. I even went up into the attic and sat quietly, trying to hear a drip.

No luck.

But I think I have discovered his secret tonight.

I went into the guest bathroom and I noticed that the sink was drip, drip, dripping. A significant leak that I must get fixed sooner rather than later as there is no telling how much water I've already wasted.

I also just happened to notice that the entire bowl of the sink is plastered, absolutely plastered with little gray hairs.

What kind of cat, I ask, lies in a dripping sink!?

My kind, apparently.

At least I no longer have to worry the ceiling is about to cave in...
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