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Is it spring yet?

I love fall. I look forward to fall every year, waiting, impatiently for that first cool, crisp day.

But then comes winter. Bleck, winter. It is only January 11th and I am already waking up each day and hoping that it will start warming up soon.

You want to know the real reason I have never moved up north like I've always wanted? Hint: it is not really the thought of moving with five cats.

You want to know the real reason I have never shown even the slightest interest in skiing or doing Christmas up in Colorado? Hint: its not trying to finagle time off of work (though that would be near impossible).

I despise winter. It is miserable never having all parts of your body warm at any given time. It makes my raynaud's flair. Canned heat dries out my skin, splits my nose and, frankly isn't even particularly helpful. Layers only work if you want to spend all day putting on and taking of clothes as your activity level changes.

My productivity level drops precipitously with the temperature.

What I wouldn't give to live somewhere that maintained a nice 65-70 degrees F year round.

Now that would be lovely.

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