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Update your Journal...

frostywonder will be very proud. I now own every D. N. Angel manga available. :)

I was going to get a special for book #7 but the people I ordered from were out and so I agreed to a regular for the substitution. It will still be good. I just wanted to know what the special was.

I’ve also bought the D. N. Angel illustration book, FEDER and finished out my Gravitation collection with the missing manga and their illustration book. I’ve a sneaky suspicion that I’ll be spending a lot of time in front of a scanner very soon.

The HnG OST’s have been playing on my computer nearly around the clock for the last few days or so. That music makes me happy, despite the fact that much of it is suspenseful and/or heavy. That appeals to me for some strange, strange reason.

But then this happy little smile could just be because I got to pull out the fridge and all the piles of stuff in the closet and vacuum everywhere. And I do mean everywhere. That always makes me happy.

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