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Bah! Humbug!

Christmas is officially put away and I cannot pretend that I am not happy to see it go.

Every year, about a week before Thanksgiving, I start getting excited about put out all the Christmas stuff. But it never fails, usually about a week before Christmas actually arrives, I'm ready to have it all back down again and get things back to the way they normally are.

I actually took the tree down on December 25th knowing full well that I was behaving more than a little grinchy. It spent the last five days in the large, green canvas bag I keep it in most of the year smack dab in the middle of the back hall where cats and humans alike could, and did, trip over it regularly. Today I officially struggled it into the attic, never an easy chore and can say, with great pleasure, that it is done.

The rest of this year shall be devoted to getting my house clean and in order again and maybe, just maybe, mainlining the original season of Broadchurch.

Any excuse to watch me a little David Tennant. ;)

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