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I learn from the very best.

Today is my last day off until the *after* the weekend after Thanksgiving. How does this happen!? I make the bleeping schedule. Regardless, I fully intend to spend it being as utterly worthless as is humanly possible.

That is to say, I'm going to play cat all day with my five superb teachers.

Exhibit one: I didn't get out of bed until after 12:45 (though that may have had more to do with the 18 hr day I worked yesterday than any conscious choice).

After a long, hot shower (not very cat-like) I sat down to sift through a week's worth of ignored personal email. And there I ran a cross a come-on for this beauty:


Now I'm not one of those hard-core hard-back holdouts. I love my paperbacks. (I actually prefer my paperbacks). Nor am I anti-e-reader. I have a dedicated e-reader I use quite frequently when traveling and haven't read fanfiction on anything but my tablet in years.

So don't mistake me for some vaguely luddite-ish prude who bemoans even the slightest change to my own bookish traditions.

But this made me roll my eyes. Hell, this flat-out annoyed me. Annoyed me in the way that people who send you emails to confirm that you don't want to receive any more emails from them annoy me. Seriously.

Maybe it was their choice of books. The books in the Anne of Green Gables series (especially the last one, Rilla of Ingleside) were some of my very favorites growing up. I still have them. I still love them. I still read them.

So to see them so abused...


Books are for reading, you jackasses. If you want to fold something, go buy some damned origami paper.

Bookish luddite prude, out!
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