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Why do I feel like they've lied to me?

It took me 45 hard fought minutes to get all the bleeping pieces out of the bleeping box, but it's going to go together in three easy steps...



It's complete!

Step three was a little more involved than the diagram would lead one to believe, but, I finally, through shear force of will and more than a little force of hip, made it work. It's a little taller than I'm used to, but I'm sure I'll grow to like it in time. It has beautiful wood inlay work on the top, which the kitties have already managed to gouge in two places. Seriously. It hasn't been complete for a full hour and they've already started destroying it.

Added bonus! I actually had to go through the "junk" drawer of the previous desk that I had long since consciously/subconsciously decided to ignore. It was quite the little treasure hunt. I found three nail clips, multiple sets of earrings I had no idea I even owned, enough 2 cent stamps to send a bowling ball to china and a chopstick (singular). Needless to say, none of these items will be kept in the new desk (for now). :p


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