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And livejournal marches on...

We have finally had a first, real, fall-ish day. (Never-mind the official first day of fall was two weeks ago. Never-you-mind that my Pinterest feed has been inundated with pumpkin everything for two full months). I walked out of the hospital around 2300 last night and we had gone from the warm, wet, are human lungs supposed to breath this much humidity? of the morning to a cool, crisp, and most wonderfully: dry 66 F (19 C). It was shocking. But welcome. Oh, so welcome.

The first thing I did when I got home was throw open all the windows. The house has been closed up since February and it felt so good to get some fresh air inside. I even left the library windows open all night which is usually a definite no-no. But it was so dry, I wasn't particularly worried.

The kitties are loving it, especially George, who spends most of the warmer months miserable, even in the air conditioning (because I am too cheap to set it much below 76 F) and so the energy level is up in the house. It's going to break their furry little hearts when I shut everything back up in a couple of hours so I can go back into work, but maybe the weather will hold and I'll be able to open the house up again when I come home.

I've finally done it. After threatening for, well, years now, I have finally decided that I have been on facebook long enough. I joined facebook in the fall of 2004, when it was still only open to certain schools and when you had to have a .edu email. Ten years! It is so hard to believe that it has been 10 years. My first ever post to livejournal was only in December of 2002 and I feel like I have been on livejournal so much longer than I ever was on facebook, but I guess that that just isn't true.

I still love livejournal more.

I definitely trust livejournal more. Hahaha!

Still, I catch myself thinking of something that would make a "good" facebook post before remembering I no longer have a facebook account. But that happens less and less each day. I'm sure FB will soon go the way of SixDegrees and Frindster (for me, anyway). Truth is, this may be the first time I've really even thought about it this week. Hmmmm...

I am shocked and annoyed with just how many other things FB has tied itself to in my on-line life. I can't even play Farm Hero's Saga on my tablet anymore without first telling it three separate times that, no, I do not want to log in to a FB account and connect with friends. (OH! The humanity!) Never mind all the totally unrelated sites (Yahoo, Twitter, Pinterest, etc) where my "log-in" was my facebook account. It is all one large, well tied knot (kudos to the FB team for oh-so-surreptitiously managing that). But I'm slowly unraveling it all. I feel confident that there will come a time, probably in the very near future where I will have managed to pluck every FB string from my body.

Or so I hope. :)

LiveJournal Haiku!
Your name:jamalyn
Your haiku:as they are still young
and frequently do neglect
them so that they would
Created by Grahame


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