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A quick little finish.

I'm actually about 3/4ths done with another piece, but I broke a cardinal rule of mine, and for the first time ever had more than two pieces being stitched at the same time.

Of course as I type that I remember "If You Dare," but that one doesn't really count because I don't work on it during other projects. I pull it out and do a page or so between projects. And each page counts as its own, unique cross stitch, right? Right. :p

But this time was the first time I had two pieces active at the same time. I know many fellow cross stitchers who are used to having multiple WIPs are probably rolling their eyes right about now, but I have always been a this, then this, then this kind of person. Never have I been a these. No, definitely not a these person. I blame my sister for her birthday popping up in the middle of another project without asking me if it would be inconvenient.

The gall of some people!

Still, this was a quick little finish and I took it to the framers this morning so now I can get back to focusing on "Ken."


No, I'm not calling her out. ;) It is a quote from a character in a show she likes called Supernatural. I figure she can decide if she wants it to be a quote from Cas or Dean. *grins*
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