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The dork is strong with this one...

Okay, this may really make you question my fan-girly bona fides, but up until about a month ago, I had never watched any Doctor Who.

I know!

It's shameful.

It was on the list of things that I've always kind of wanted to watch, always kind of figured I'd enjoy, but had never bothered to really sit down get it done. I think that the 26 "classic" seasons were more than a little daunting. Finally I just said, "You know what? I've got a lot of stitching that needs to get done. I'm just going to watch the new stuff. And if I like it, I'll watch the old stuff."

I loved it (the new stuff). Like really loved it. Like loved it like I haven't loved something in a very, very long time. I have, as I promised myself, starting working through what's available of the classic series (if only to get some of the references in the new series) and so far... I'm glad I didn't start there because I probably wouldn't have fallen in love with the series the way I have. But it's been fun.

And Donna's one of my fave's, too.

But seriously, post-time-war Doctor is where my true fan-girl love lies. Brilliant. I love 9, 10 and 11, though David Tennant (10) certainly has garnered the lion's share of my heart (judging by my Doctor Who pinterest board, anyway). I am vaguely looking forward to getting to know 12 in the fall.

This has also been the month of Sherlock Series 3. E-gads. So much fun. Though I freely admit to being more than a little distracted by Doctor Who, I made sure to carve out time to enjoy all three new episodes a couple of times over. I love Sherlock, I do. Perhaps not as much as I've been loving Doctor Who, but still, I'm a little sad that the earliest I can hope for more is December. I mean seriously, who only puts out three episodes a season!? That's just mean. *grins*

Come on John! Come here, boy!

And, to round out the fan-girl trifecta, I attempted to watch Firefly again. Always, I hear such wonderful things about Firefly but...

I made it all the way to episode 4 this time. That's a new record. I don't know why that show just can't garner any fangirlish love in me. We just don't connect somehow. I don't know. Hmmm.

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