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This year's ornament death count as of now: 3 maimed, 4 murdered.

I find myself pulling deeper and deeper inside, making less and less of an effort to reach out, to maintain friendships or even acquaintances. And, when once this would have concerned me, my comfort level is rising. The more I cocoon, the happier I become.

Facebook has found themselves on my chop block. I still try to "like" the various and sundry status updates of my "friends" but am hesitant to post any for myself. I've always known that 99.9% of what both myself and others post on facebook is mundane, inane and unimportant, but that did not use to bother me. Now it (kind of) does. Articles like this, detailing the way facebook stores everything, including the status updates/comments you start to make but then think better of, don't exactly *encourage* my facebook use. *laughs*

I was an early adopter. Maybe I'll just claim that I'm an early rejector as well.

All that being said, I freely admit to using Kikumaru's account (yes, my cat has/had an account) to play farmville 2. I've been "gaming" under her name for years, mostly to keep from having to listen to my real-world facebook friends complain about seeing FB game posts. (Really, there's little in this world that annoys me more than people complaining about things that they can easily and almost effortlessly wipe from their known existence. Seriously, just click "hide all _________ posts" and shut your yap. Though putting that into words makes me wonder how I've been on facebook as long as I have...)

But none of that is really what this post is about. No, those are all just unnecessary wordy words to make it seem like this is something worthwhile when really, I just want to post pictures of my kitties enjoying their Christmas present. Yeah, it's a little early for them to have received their present. But you try wrapping this:

1441468_10101449367712656_1683475801_n          1469956_10101449367972136_1942985622_n


Yeah, my kitties are just that cute. *winks*

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