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Went to see Pacific Rim today....

It was great, in a cracky, fandom-y way. Crisp, refreshing, and a full two and a half hours of nerdy fan-service. I will definitely see it again at some point. This has absolutely nothing to do with it:

I had the urge tonight to read a Digimon fanfic tonight. A *good* Digimon fanfic. Those are getting harder and harder to find. I even went so far as to crack open an old binder I have with some fanfics I printed out back in the hey-day of Digimon fanfic writing on fanfiction.net. Sadly, they weren't as good as I remember. Maybe my tastes have improved. Probably it was just easier to suspend disbelief when caught up in a vibrant fandom.

Still, found an absolute treasure trove of old emails from my sister in that same notebook. frostywonder is the person responsible for originally getting me in to Digimon. She would have been about 14 or 15 years old at the time and she asked me to record the episodes airing over the summer for her since I had reliable cable and no one to bully me away from the TV. And so I did. Four episodes to each VHS tape. Ahh... VHS tapes. I think I still have my copies of The Pretender shoved in some closet somewhere. But in the process of recording them for her, I also started watching them. See, kids, back then, the TV wasn't smart enough to do all that for us. We had to watch and actually hit record and/or pause ourselves. And if you were really brave, you might try to not record the commercials... but that almost always led to you missing a few seconds of the start of the show because it began again without warning, or to you doing that that little hop, skip, stop, pause-record-pause-record of I-think-it’s-starting, no-that’s-just-another-commercial, now?, no-another-damn-commercial-again. So forth and so on, ad nauseum. But I digress.

Recording the shows for frostywonder, I got hooked. It was about half way through the second season. I fell in love with a sad little boy named Ken and I started digging for more information on him and this Davis with whom he seemed to connect. Naturally, that resulted in a lot of emailing back and forth with my more well versed sister.

And, lo and behold, she did not know nearly as much as I wanted to know. She was a fan. But she was no FAN.

I on the other hand, had previous FAN experience from both The X-Files and The Pretender. I already knew how to really ratchet up the crazy. Heck, my old X-Files website* is still out floating in cyberspace, albeit with more than a few broken links at this point. There was a time when I could HTML with the best of them. I remember when knowing how to write CSS scripts was a skill.

But I digress. Again.

That tends to come with age.

So anyway, I quickly depleted her knowledge of Digimon (as seen in the previously mentioned emails—in one of which she, rather petulantly, tells me I ask too many questions) and from there moved deeper into the bowels of what would soon become my next (and sadly, to date anyway, last) major fandom, dragging my young, impressionable sister along for the ride.

At the start of these, she is just a kid, enjoying a cartoon.

A little later, she starts reading fanfiction. (Sorato!)

Not long after that, she is attempting her own fanfiction, (Again, Sorato! What is wrong with this kid?) and a smattering of fan art.

Then there is a casual mention of yaoi and the gentle feeling out of my own thoughts on the matter. (“It’s kind of weird, don’t you think?” No, not really. I love me a good Mulder/Krycek/Skinner and this Ken/Davis –or actually, by that time I was referring to him almost exclusively as Daisuke—oh the pomposity of a well-studied fan girl—thing. “If you say so.”)

Next, the yaoi fanfic (Taito) written by a “friend”. Maybe I could proof read it for said friend, you know, before they post it to fanfiction.net. Sure.

And well… the rest is history. She’s still one of my favorite Digimon yaoi writers. I never have really gotten her to write Ken and Daisuke, but then, maybe she’s purposefully leaving all that ooey-gooey angst for me. I do love it so.

All this over the course of a couple of years and probably close to 800 emails. I re-read them all tonight. Not exactly Digimon fanfiction, but an epic story nonetheless. *smiles* Yay, Digimon!

*I would like to note that when I first went to look up my old site, it was redirecting to a rubbish page. I not only remembered my old password (I built this back in 1998, people!) but was able to scrounge up enough HTML still clunking about in the ol’ noggin to not only find what was causing the error, but to also remove it without destroying the rest of the page. If I sound a little proud, I am. Hehehe. The old mare may be getting a little gray, but she's got some oomph left in her yet!

I wasn't too shabby with PhotoShop, either. *winks*

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