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Some facebook spill over...

Oh wow, THIS is so wrong it is funny. Truly, I thought it was a spoof at first. But then I had that sad moment where I realized that, no, someone actually wrote this, and worse, they, in all seriousness, believe what they wrote. That, and, apparently, there are people who agree with them because it popped up on my facebook newsfeed as having been “liked” by a friend. Hmmm...

But I have found that you cannot dismiss out of hand even the most ridiculous of fluffery without someone saying you failed to offer a counter argument because you didn't have one. Ad hominem, ad hominem, etc. Which isn't true. The truth is, responding to this is probably beneath me. I don’t really believe that trollers like this deserve to be treated as intellectual equals. But it bothers me that someone on my friends list actually liked this. I want to hope that they are just trolling themselves. And I accept that most those who should read this, won’t (the classic tl;dr conundrum). But then, such is life.

Still, all that being said, a point by point rebuttal:

1. Atheists haven’t built any hospitals? Total and complete bullshit. Hell, I work at an “atheist” hospital. And you know what’s great about that? I have the option of providing rape victims with the care they need. This hospital offers women the choice of controlling their own reproductive health. Want a tubal ligation after that 4th or 5th or 6th pregnancy? We can do that. Good luck getting that kind of care at a “religious” hospitals. Case-in-point: work for (WORK, not go to, not make use of the services of) a catholic hospital and they won’t even cover basic contraception. It is not that they won’t terminate a pregnancy that really bothers me, it is that they won’t even help PREVENT one. But we've strayed off topic, my original point being: Secular hospitals abound, and if you want good, complete care...you should probably make use of these damnable atheists.

2. Okay, number two was the first one that really made me laugh out loud. Are you seriously scolding atheist for putting up ONE monument (cost $6,000) rather than putting that money towards a more noble cause (i.e. hospitals)? Seriously!? I seem to remember a quote from your holy book about not trying to remove a splinter from your brother’s eye before removing the plank in your own. Have you seen your churches? Have you seen the way your preachers/priests dress, what they drive, where they live? Ha! Pot, meet... um... well... baby spoon.

3. Number three is one of those that makes me sad. If religious types cannot understand why it is important to hope for the best from people even in an imperfect world, we truly are screwed. If we cannot hope for and, more importantly, work towards a better future simply because bad people have already existed, then what’s the point of even being here? And as for the list of all these terrible atheists, I can only say, don’t cast stones in your stained glass houses. You have among your ranks the likes of Hitler, Sun Myung Moon, Matthew Hale, Marshall Herff Applewhite Jr., Jim Jones, Fred Phelps Sr and Anders Vehring Breivik.

4. As for number four: Okay, seriously, have you even read your holy book? Especially this old testament part? Because I have and frankly, it is horrifying. Your old testament god was a hateful, vengeful bastard who shat upon people he disliked with glee. How is this something to be celebrated? Here’s the thing the writer and agree-ers with this list are refusing to comprehend. See, you go along with these terrible things that your god did in the old testament, you nod and say, well, of course, those cities deserved to be destroyed, of course all life on the planet deserved to be drowned (excepting this small family of believers and their “pets”), why not kill thousands of innocent first born children, their parents deserved it, or more to the point, their king. God is good! God is great! Whereas non-theists look at the actions of the people listed as the equivalent and are horrified. They would never worship and praise the perpetrators. They want to do what they can to make sure that sort of thing doesn't happen again. THAT is the difference.

5. And here it starts getting tedious. I guess he had to do something to stretch this out into a list of ten. But number five is really just a rehash of number three and four. But again, lest I be accused of being lazy: The past does not dictate the future. Just because we haven’t been perfect in the past does not mean we cannot strive to be as perfect as we can in the future. That being said, it is nice to see a christian finally admit that the founding fathers weren't of the religious persuasion.

6. I don’t think that it is awkward at all that a preacher got up to preach at the dedication. A bit rude, but we non-theists have come to expect that from you christians. It is, however, according to your own rules, a sin to lie. And you've lied. For shame, dear christian, for shame. If you actually look at what happened you’ll find that the group that put up this monument actually encouraged other groups and yes, even other religions to put up their own monuments. Their point is that the state should not be supporting one particular religion de facto of no other voices. They strive to be a second voice, they welcome more. But sure, lie if it makes you feel better.

7. Okay, this one made me physically lay my head in my hands and shake my head. For the record, it is not awkward that you don’t know what a biohazard symbol looks like. It’s not even awkward that you are that poorly educated. Sad, is what it is. It is sad.

8. As for number eight (again with the stretching of one point into multiple points), the symbol you are remarking upon is not actually the symbol for an atom. You’d know that if you had actually bothered to look at it. But then you only glanced at it long enough to decide that it looked like a biohazard symbol so I’m not really expecting too much. It is actually symbol of the American Atheists (the group who put up the monument). See below. And on a side note, don’t be fooled by the going to church and the reading of the bible. There have been many times throughout our history when not doing just that could get a man (or woman) ostracized if not killed. I guarantee you that even to this day, atheists sit on your pews. Social pressure is a sad, sad, awkward (ha!) thing. Want an example? I went to church every Sunday for more than 18 years. I've read the bible in its entirety more than once (more than twice, actually). I am most certainly an atheist.

9. Almost there! Thank, er, Ra! Number nine is really just a rehash of numbers three, four and five. I refuse to type all of that again. But, lest you be confused: what the quote is really saying is that we (atheists) do not live for the promise of a beautiful afterlife. We believe that we get one shot at this and, as such, should make the best of it we can. Atheists don’t always get to do everything they want to do. We have responsibilities, too. Still, we don’t rely on the crutch of something better to come. We make the best of what we currently have. Frankly, I cringe every time I see a christian mention the “coming” rapture or what they’re going to do when the get to heaven. Look. Life is hard. Life isn't always roses and rainbows. Sometimes people leave us too soon. Don’t let that scare you into hiding behind the idea of something better, later and wasting your time dreaming and wishing for it to come. Use it instead to empower yourself to do as much as you can for yourself and others while you have the chance.

10. And as to ten. American Atheists is a nationwide group with members in every state. Funny that a catholic website would post such a silly thing. I mean, really, if you have a problem with them putting a monument in a different state than their headquarters, shouldn't you also have a problem with the catholic church putting up churches outside of Vatican City? Hmmm... As you would say: Awkward!

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