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Pharmacist::Horticulturalist. Who knew?

The hospital where I work decided, about two years ago to go from silk plants to live plants. Honestly, I didn't think much about the decision at the time, it not being particularly drug related. But I started to notice that they’d get these big, beautiful plants in, they’d look beautiful for about a week, then a little less so and then a little more less so and within a month, they’d be scraggly and wilted and mostly dead, at which point they would throw them away and get new plants and start all over again. The “trees” lasted a little longer. They often held out 4 or 5 months before falling prey to whatever blight roamed the hospital halls, but still, it seemed awfully strange. I mean, what kind of hospital can’t even keep a few plants alive?

So I started paying attention. With the live plants came someone responsible for caring for said plants. Only this was, apparently the same people responsible for the outside landscaping. What this meant was these poor creatures were only getting watered once every two weeks.

No joke.

Big plants. Small pots. And they were trying to get away with only watering them once every two weeks. Well no wonder it was not working. I've not got the greenest of thumbs, but even I could figure that one out.

So I started watering them. First it was just the Peace Lilies and the Money Tree near the pharmacy. Then I started taking pity on the rest. Now I go through and give everyone a drink after I clock out. And it has worked beautifully. We (I) haven’t lost a plant in over 6 months.

Pharmacist::Horticulturalist. Who knew?

Well, the security guard caught me last night. She’s generally a pretty nice lady, but can be a little over zealous. It’s the badge. *wink* She immediately demanded that I stop what I was doing and only then bothered to actually wonder what it was that I was doing. She commanded, with the utmost seriousness, that I tell her what I had just used to try and poison that poor plant. Water clearly wasn't what she had been expecting and I could tell she didn't quite want to buy it so I showed her what was in my bucket.

She asked me why I would be going around, giving each plant some water. Really. She wanted to know why. It took every ounce of will power not to respond sarcastically to such a question. Even as one of the world’s more grey-thumbed people, I had managed to figure out the basic connection between water and a plant’s continued existence. Still, sometimes it is best not to mock pseudo-authority. They tend to get their feelings hurt faster than anyone. So I gave her the short spiel which pretty much amounted to, “I got tired of seeing them die. This seemed like a reasonable way of saving them. So far it seems to be working.”

I got the serious nod of agreement and an authoritative, “Well then, carry on.” And so I did. And will, if only for the poor plants that have the misfortune of being carted through our doors. Ha!

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