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Christmas Ornaments 2012

You know what sucks about starting traditions? That you're expected to continue them year after year after year. *grins*

Actually, I really like making an ornament for each year. It is nice to be able to look at my grandmother's tree and see stuff from years ago (even if only to realize how poor my technique was in the past--seriously, how hard is it to sew a circle?). But, what with work and the Mayan apocalypse, December 24th crept up very quickly this year.

So, long story short, no cross stitched ornaments. Boo.

You might notice Fry trying to photobomb the last one.

They will provide a nice segue during future christmas chats to the stories of surviving the apocalypse. "Yes, little one", I will croon, "We were much distracted, what with the zombie slaughtering and the slaying of Cthulhu that dark, dark christmas of 2012, so no, Auntie Jamalyn never managed to find the time to cross stitch any ornaments. However! She could not allow the zombies or crazed, human-octopus-dragon mixes to completely destroy our family's holiday traditions. No! She fought the good fight and today, we have these to show for it. You're welcome."

And for the record:
Happy Whatever the Hell You Want to Celebrate! We are all united in this: We can never allow the zombie hoards to win! Fight! Conquer! Thrive! <== Evidence to show the kiddos that the zombie wars WERE real. :p
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