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Seriously, what's with all the spam comments lately? Does some ad-bot really think that ANYONE is going to see an entry I wrote over 8 months ago, much less actually click into the comments and decide, "Yeah, you know, I really would like to make $4000/week working from home." Talk about un-targeted advertising. Sheesh.

On a different note: I wasn't abducted by aliens. I've been busy working on a wedding gift for my cousins (among other things). They've been married for nearly two years now. Oh well. All things in their own time.


Sorry it is so blurry and it still needs to be pressed, but otherwise it is ready to go to the framers on Monday. They may actually get it by Thanksgiving or Christmas.

Photobucket has apparently changed their entire site around since the last time I uploaded something. It took my 15 minutes to find the right button to get my link. Now they look just like Flicker. Yay! Not. (Does it ever seem like we're rushing to remove all differences from every thing in this world to you?) I suppose anyone still using a relic like livejournal just needs to shut their yap. But I like livejournal.

In sucky news: Kikumaru has been diagnosed with liver cancer. She's currently on palliative care and doing well, all considered. But still, it's breaking my heart. She and George will always be my first babies.

Edit: Kikumaru passed away on December 6th, 2012.
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