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First Vision

I’ve me a new toy.

*Thought* I do that rather often.

Oh well. ;)

Anyway, this time I got myself a DVD rack, two, actually. So now the DVD’s are, well, racked, and not taking up more than their fair share of space on one of my bookcases. Now I have plenty of room for new books.

See how these things get started? It is what we all too kindly call a vicious cycle. :)

Oh! They all look so nice! I never realized I had so many, and even found a few that I had forgotten I owned. So it’s a good thing, really. Never mind I really haven’t the space.

Or that I actually needed three, these two already being more than full.

Such is life.


I did finally get to see The Last Samurai. I really wasn’t all that impressed. And here I had been hoping to have a new secret love.

But as I said, such is life.

It’s Christmas and sometimes I think the only part of my backbone with any starch left is my neck.

One foot in front of the other, no?


Mai quote #1 (yelled to some random driver who insisted on honking at everyone in traffic this evening): Why are you acting like this? It’s Christmas! Fuck off!

Mai quote #2:

Craig: No one around here ever listens to me.

Me: That’s not true. AnhMai, tell Craig that’s not true.

AnhMai: What’s not true?

Me: What he said.

Mai: Oh, I’m sorry. I wasn’t listening. What was it?

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