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We'll cross that bridge when we get to it.

Such a simple phrase and one that I am sure you have heard before. Yet, tonight, for the very first time I am made aware that the people of this world can be ascribed to two groups based solely on that ancient colloquialism.

Whaa-- you mutter.

It goes like this. It's been a shit day at work. Like reduced to threatening to go upstairs and discontinue an IV myself if the nurse doesn't stop it NOW kind of shit. Overdosing neonates just ain't cool. At least not in my book. And yet through all of this, all I have to rely on is my handy, dandy pharmacy technician, a sweet, if somewhat immature young lady, to help keep everything running smoothly.

Only, she’s the sort that doesn’t believe in waiting until getting to a bridge before crossing it over and over and over in her mind, trying to tease out the most sinister possibility imaginable before settling on that as having all-but-already happened and, frankly, panicking.

I already have nurses to babysit. I shouldn’t have to tell my tech that it is a BAD idea to interrupt me whilst I am dealing with a legitimate crisis just to tell me that the magnesium sulfate in one of the crash cart trays she opened despite the fact that they were good for another month goes out in 3 months and that, gasp!, magnesium is on back order.


I might just get snappish and hurt your feelings.

I may just hurl the above colloquialism at your young and easily bruised ego.

And, I will not apologize.

E-Gods, I need a drink. And a month’s vacation. Like, STAT.


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