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Chapter 38 is out!

Okay, newest chapter of Dengeki Daisy actually had me tearing up a bit. And that's saying something. I love sad stories (or sad parts to stories), but I'm not a teary person. To date, this is story no. 3 that has genuinely moved me to tears. First was the final novel in the Ann of Green Gables run, Rilla of Ingleside, when her brother Walter dies in WWI. Every time I re-read that, I cry. Second story is actually also a manga, this time a one-shot yaoi called Hybrid Child. If you like yaoi at all, this one should be part of your collection. A wonderful story, through and through.

And now, I add to the short (but apparently growing) list: Dengeki Daisy. The relationship between Souichirou (Teru's older brother) and Kurosaki (Daisy) is, by far, the best in the entire story. Heartbreaking. Sweet. And utterly, utterly tragic. I love it. *grins*


Again, I'll say it: Good read. Silly and light hearted in the first seven manga, heart crushing in the eighth. I cannot wait to see where it will go from here.

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