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Tweedle Dee

A quick pop-in to relate the following:

I had asked Mai a question regarding her, er, clinical experience; namely what she had found to be the most common characteristics among her patients who were abusing laxatives. (Project. Shoot me now).

She hmmmed, for a second, clicking her nails back and forth along the table rim as she thought before finally answering:

“Well, most of the cases that I’ve seen presented with diarrhea.”

>,> (It’s the closest emoticon I can find to express my response).

*SIGHS* (There, perhaps that does a better job of communicating my exasperation).

This is just one of the (many) reasons you couldn’t pay me to go to medical school.

I’m just not sharp enough to pick up on such remarkable...correlations. :)

But I must forgive her, as, after she got past that shiner, she gave me some other really useful information and also loaned me some of her journals that are proving to be quite helpful (in delaying the inevitable trip to the TMC library, anyway). :p
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