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Sometimes, being a good parent means just saying no!

Okay, my guinea pigs have the good life. The two of them have roughly 14 square feet of cage space with cool little ramps they can run up and down and hide under, a hay rack that is always stuffed and an igloo apiece in which to snuggle down. But they also poop. A lot. And so when I am cleaning out their cage they get put in an old plastic tote until everything is done. No big deal.

Until today.

The other cats never so much as glanced at the pigs when they were in the tote before. I mean, this is a bi-monthly occurrence. And I've never bothered to cover the tote (mostly because it has plastic walls and I do worry about air circulation) whilst I'm out scrubbing down the big cage. But I came back inside today, dripping wet and sweaty to find this:


Now obviously, I wasn't too concerned since the first thing I reached for was a camera and not the cat. But I did get a kick out of the oh-so-casual way he was just kind of sticking his paw through the door of the igloo. "What? Me, doing something wrong? No, no, no. You misunderstand. I was merely saying hello."


I pulled him out.

He jumped right back in.

I pulled him out again.

Again he jumped back inside, defiance clearly written across his little gray face.

I pulled him out again.

He plops down right beside the tote with this heavy, put upon kitty sigh. Like I just don't understand him or something. But I'm okay with that because it means I can finish putting the big cage back together without worrying someone is going to get "played" with.

Sheesh... Teenagers!

(For the record, after I had the two piggers back in their real cage, I let Ken roll around in the tote for as long as he pleased. He has now forgiven me and is sleeping quite peacefully on the desk in front of me). *smiles*
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