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The continuing saga of the B-Day laptop.

Okay, so remember how I said I bought myself a laptop for my birthday? Office Depot said that they would deliver it that next day which I thought sounded too good to be true.

Boy, howdy!

So. They DO try to deliver the laptop that very next day. Of course, they only deliver between 0800 and 1700. I'm home until 1100 but then do not get back until 2030. Needless to say, they did not show up before 1100 and no one was home when they tried to deliver it that day. Needing a signature, they do not deliver and instead of getting a laptop for my birthday, I got an automated message on my answering machine (informing me that they only deliver between 0800 and 1700, that no one had been home and that they would try again the next day).

Day two. I call the 1-800 number left in the message to see if I could get the shipping address changed (I had wanted to pick it up at the store since the beginning but apparently they couldn't do that with this particular item--don't get me started) to my work address (where I, or someone I trusted would most definitely be between 0800 and 1700. I get all the way to the point where I am holding for an agent and they drop the call. Naturally, I call right back...and listen to it ring and ring and ring and ring. Their automated system was down. I head into work figuring I wouldn't get my lap top that day either. But! When doing a random check of the tracking page later that afternoon, I see that its status had been updated to "delivered". Woot! I thought, they must have left it at the door after all!


As if.

I get home that evening and there is no package anywhere. I call the 1-800 number and thankfully get through to a person this time who tells me that my package has been delivered. No it has not, I tell them as politely as my budding migraine would allow. Oh, they say, I'll put in a research request and someone should call you with details tomorrow. Okay.

Day three. Someone does call (right as I am trying to walk out the door to go to work) and tells me that this package has been marked as delivered. Marked as delivered incorrectly, I inform, as it most certainly had not been delivered. Oh, she says, let me research that, she says. Okay, I say (again), but I am going to work now, can I give you another number to call? No need, she says, if I find anything out, I'll just leave a message. Okay, I say, but really I need to change the shipping address because I won't be here to accept delivery. No problem, she says, if we locate the package you can change the address then. Okay, I say, thinking, why the hell can't we just do that now???

So I come home today and there are three rambling messages on my machine telling me that they did contact the delivery company and the company did confirm that they had never actually delivered the package (message 1), that I could feel free to call the 1-800 number and arrange to have the package delivered to a different address (message 2) and then (time stamped less than an hour later) and automated message informing me that because they had tried and failed to deliver the package on three separate occasions, it would be returned and my account would be credited.

Wait, what?


So needless to say, I call the 1-800 number this evening when I get home anyway (total glutton for punishment) just to try and see if that third message was a mistake and, when I told the agent that I needed to get the address changed on this shipment she says to me, as if I must be quite stupid for not having noticed, "This shipment has been marked as delivered."

I shit you not.

Her words to me were: "This shipment has been marked as delivered."

At which point my façade of gentility slipped a bit and I responded, "The hell it has."

Oh, wait, wait, wait, she says, reading further it does say that the delivery company has been unable to deliver this package and that a refund has been issued for the returned product. Would you like the refund confirmation number, she asks. Please, I grind out. She gives it to me. Would you like to reorder, she asks. Not at this time, I respond, fighting hard the urge to slam the phone back on the receiver by way of an answer.

Is there anything else I can help you with, she asks. I feel my blood pressure rising at the implication that she has helped at all. No, I answer, good bye. Have a good evening, she says. I hang up.

Naturally, I had no intention of ever spending another red cent at Office Depot ever again. But it really is a very good deal for this particular laptop. A better deal than I could find anywhere else. So, in the end, I logged back on to Office Depot.com (see earlier remark about gluttony) and RE-ordered the computer.

Estimated ship date: 2-3 weeks.


This cannot be good for my health. *sighs*

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