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It really is coming out in CHUNKS!

Trying to work on Actively Dying, but Kikumaru has taken up residence on my notes. To persuade her to move, I've started removing the undercoat she is currently shedding in plugs (she's part Norwegian forest cat [I think] and so has the sort of undercoat intended to help her survive long, snow filled winters) hair, by hair, by hair. Judging by the way her skin ripples after each long strand glides out, I'd say this tickles in the extreme.

And yet, she won't move.

Some may consider this an impasse.

I intend to double down.


Update 5/8/11 @ 2205

I'm doing research on easily concealed hand guns for Actively Dying. I just wanted to post this so when I am falsely accused of a crime, they cannot point to my internet history as pre-meditation (though, I suppose, I could have pre-meditated this as well).

I need to stop watching 48 Hrs Mystery...


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