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Either I need to tweak my punch lines, or...

Nurse: Do you have my potassium with neut?

Me: I put it in the fridge.

Nurse: All I saw in there was a potassium bag with sodium bicarb.

Me: ... Potassium with neut.

Nurse: Sodium bicarb is neut?

Me: Yeah. It kind of balances out...neutralizes the potassium's sting.

Nurse: Oh! NEUT! I was thinking: newt, n-e-w-t.

Me: ... as in "eye of"

Nurse: *laughing* Yeah. I guess.

Me: Wow. That's some old pharmacology there. I haven't used eye of newt in years.

Nurse: You really use eye of newt? Thats so cool!

Me: ... ... ... uh, no... I was kind of yanking your chain.

Nurse: Ohhhh. ... Well, ha, ha.

Me: But we do use toe of frog pretty regularly.

Nurse: Really !?

Me: *facepalm* No.
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