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There are few relationships, cannon or otherwise, that make me squee more than Daisuke and Ken.

Okay, in the same vein as yesterday:

Why didn't the 01 kids sit the 02 kids down at some point and have the whole "killing things" talk? So much drama!

But I love watching Ken and Daisuke connect.

I don't love watching Miyako wedge herself between them.

Miyako and I... we have a difficult relationship. I actually really like her. In many ways, I can relate to her. But still, there are times when I just want to shake her and ask, "Why!? Can't you see how wonderful Daisuke is for Ken? Why inhibit that?"

But, alas, she is a cartoon. So I can't. I shall have to rely on my fanfiction (where my track record really isn't much better--I've married her to Ken twice--see previous statement re: relating).


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