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Ebay, oh Ebay, why must you torture me so?

Putzing around on the computer, wasting time that would be better spent asleep and suddenly got the notion to do an ebay search for yaoi doujinshi.

I've not bought any doujinshi in a very long time so, why not?

Three things:

1. Yay! I've bought several Digimon and Beyblade doujinshi that I had previously tried to purchase back in their respective series' hey-day without luck. (There is only so much I am willing to pay for pretty pictures of Taichi and Yamato getting it on--it is a high limit, admittedly, probably too high, but a limit all the same).

2. I was surprised at how squicked I was by the Kuroshitsuji doujishi (Sebastian X Ciel). I watched that series (first season, still trying to find time for the second) and (mostly) enjoyed it. Still, while I certainly understand from whence these doujinshi sprang... not going there.

And finally,

3. Is there really a market for this much Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle yaoi doujinshi? Really !? There are that many people out that that want to see two turtles kissing? Now I love TMNT, but...no. I'm sure the Michelangelo X Leonardo lovers out there will just shrug and say, "More for me!" Good on ya. *laughs*

And on that note, good night.

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