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Really? REALLY!?

Had a question about a pedi patient's medication today. Fellow RPh pulls out a NeoFax from 1991 (4th edition), and proceeds to (try to) look up the drug. I pulled the book out of his hands, walked to corner where I store my references and handed him my personal copy (2010, twenty-fucking-third edition).

This is what I am working with.

Well that's okay. Because you know what? I think I'm going to get all spring-cleaning on their painfully, dangerously out of date asses. I think it’s high time someone went through their "references" and made damn sure we don't only have what we are legally required to have but also that we have what we NEED to make sound clinical judgments. I'm sorry, but medicine changes too damn quickly to be using 20 year old books to look up information.

I won't even bother ranting about what passes as our "critical care drip reference." Think crazy old lady's notebook filled with newspaper clippings and you'd have it about right. Only the crazy old lady would probably have more organization...

Thankfully, we at least have a new (or as new as me) director here who will support my, er, cleaning fury.

Dear God, we might save a patient yet...

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