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Nabari no ou

I had actually started downloading fansubs from Anime Eden back in the day. Then Funimation licensed it and, as per protocol, it disappeared and became difficult to get. Half way through and facing the prospect of YEARS before Funimation would get the series out and onto the market, I sighed and gave up. (It seemed appropriate given the general outlook of the main character).

Then, lo and behold, whilst clicking about on hulu's anime section, I discovered the entire series, subbed (thankfully, because Funimation's dubs are usually c.r.a.p.) courtesy of none other than, you guessed it: Funimation.

I was shocked, to say the very least. This is not a company known for sharing. But happy. Definitely happy. I've had to start back over at the beginning to refresh my poor memory and I find myself enjoying it again.

Now. I only hope I can finish it.

Fingers crossed.

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