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Gay Lions, Be Prepared!

I was frightened today, in a good kind of way.

But before I tell you by what, I must first give you some history. You see, I like anime. The first anime I got into was one titled Digimon. I may or may not have mentioned that before; I can’t remember.

Digimon is the one and only fandom for which I’ve really ever gone all out in my wanton fangirlish glee. That is to say, I read Digimon fan fiction, and it was through Digimon fan fiction that I came to understand the joys of boy on boy goodness.

Yum. :)

Shortly thereafter, I began seeing this everywhere, something I learned was a common side effect of having come to close to what “they” call the Yaoi-Factor. I think it’s a radio wave of some sort.

Anyway, it wasn’t long after AnhMai had attached herself to me that I first made some sort of, “Oh, he is soooo a gay man, droid, witch, etc” remark in her presence. The first time, all I received was a strange look and a muttered, “Whatever.”

The second time she frowned at me and responded, “I don’t want to understand you.”

The third, fourth and fifth were all pretty much the same and so it has carried on from there.

But that’s not the scary part.

The scary part occurred today, while we were watching The Lion King, as Mai had never seen it, saying she refused to watch any move that was so hyped. I laughed at her and called her an idiot.

So we get to the “Be Prepared” scene, where Scar is doing his little song and dance to attract the hyenas (Anyone else think that hyenas the world over should sue Disney for defamation?) into his sordid little plot when suddenly Mai lets out this choked sort of stutter.

She turns to me, a look of intense fear in her eyes and says:

“I think Scar is gay.”

I laughed, almost maniacally.

The dark side has claimed yet another victim. Woe be-ith the world.

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