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Okay. So I admit it. I read twilight. About a week ago. You see, I have this rule about not making fun of things I've not read/seen/experienced/etc.

Yeah. It's a dangerous rule. It leaves me wading through a lot of... compost.

But for the record: the book was okay. Bella annoyed me with her hateful and all too self-centered teenage pseudo-angst, but I actually kind of liked the basic idea behind the story. It was written on about a third grade level, but that's not necessarily a bad thing when you are just looking to veg-out.

Now. All that being said. I also decided to watch the movie and can only say: OH MY GOD! MY EYES. MY BURNING, BURNING EYES! I haven't seen such a terrible film in... possibly... ever. Seriously. Porn has better acting. And a more coherent plot. If I had not read the book, I probably would have spent most of the movie going, "Ah...wha...?" And the rest rolling my eyes.

Will I read the second book? Possibly.

Will I watch the second movie? Hells No.


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