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music is my dream (or, some favorites never rest)


Hikaru no Go is an anime about an ancient board game. (Yes, I said board game).

And yet, I am hard-pressed to think of any other series that I continue to love as much, or that has such edge-of-your-seat action scenes.

I do not pretend to get it. Honestly, I think the creators have somehow managed to lace the show with crack (and I'm talking the cocaine-kind, not the usual anime-kind as this series, whilst having "cute" moments, is almost universally serious, and at times, can even reduce me to tears. -CnP- At some point, I am convinced, Hikaru *is* going to hear me crying out in warning and actually look up in time to say goodbye to Sai. ...Or, so I hope. It hasn't happened yet). *smiles*

However, I do know this: I love Hikaru no Go. It is deliciously addictive.

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