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The Zombie Returneth

Umm, wow. So I've not been on livejournal as much as I used to (or, for that matter would like to) recently. I blame this entirely on facebook's farmville. *winks*

But to update quickly:

--I've quit at St. Joe's. I'm currently on "sabbatical." Yes. On purpose. *laughs* I know, the job market being what it is at the moment, more than a few people have wondered if I have lost my mind. To set the record straight: Yes. I have. But it was better than the dark, dark alternative. *laughs*

--I adopted two of the cutest guinea pigs ever! I had purchased a cage a while back, knowing I wanted some piggies, but never finding the time whilst working for St. Joes to actually get the piggies themselves. (I have a no-pet-store policy). But I have finally gotten a pair of brothers, named Click and Clack (yes, after the Car Talk brothers) and as you can see, they are beyond adorable:

Click & Clack

They were born March 21, 2010 and so will get quite a bit bigger. Currently, they love running up and down their ramp and fighting over snap peas.

--FryGuy has developed a love of tea. I do not really know what the caffeine in tea does to a cat, but I am sure it is not good and so do my best to keep him away from my glass. (Besides, I hate to share!) Still, he is becoming more and more adept at sneaking swigs. Rehab, here he comes.

--I went deer hunting with the hood of my Prius on Friday (yes, out of season). *sighs* I was fine. The deer gave me a dirty look and then bound back into the forest. My car... *sighs* Life never fails...

That is it really, unless you want me to wax poetic about how CLR really does work wonders on hard water stains (it does!) or how utterly disgusting I realize my house has become in the two and a half years it has been since I've seen it in the light of day (why hasn't the ASPCA come and taken my children away!?).

I refuse to be so cruel. :p

Priority one right now is getting my body righted back on this whole sleep at night biz and getting the rest of my life and house back in order. I know that when the idea of doing the things I really love (my cross stitch, quilting, SG1, livejournal...) actually starts to appeal again, it will be time to go back to work.

But until then... (maniacal laughter)

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