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Idiosyncrasies of the J.W. Irving clan…

Nothing relaxes my mean cat (Kikumaru) like loud music with a heavy, thrumping beat. She would seem to melt into the desk, obviously blissing out. But put on something drum-lite (i.e. Mozart's Requiem, anything Bedrich Smetana) and (if you are lucky) you might make it out with only a pissed sort of hiss and a few deep scratches.

I don't get it. I did my best to raise my children to be well-rounded individuals.

And speaking of the odd, it has finally become cold enough for me to start working again on Actively Dying. I don't really understand why I cannot work on that piece when the weather is nice, only that I cannot. *sighs* Still, I pulled out the computer I keep that on the other night and re-read what I had already written. Apparently I was in the midst of a rather steamy scene. *blushes* I've no memory of having written that. But, if I can claim credit, must say: I'm a little proud. It was some damn good smex.

Now to continue...
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