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What is this frightful feeling? Oh. Right.

My US mail carrier is not a happy woman and I don't make her life any easier, what with the incredibly heavy packages and my general failure to answer the door on the first knock. I actually expected her to egg me over Halloween and then suggest it had been the dirty work of teenage neer-do-wells. *laughs* As is, she just passive-aggressively delivers the heaviest of my boxes to the eighty-eight year old woman who lives across the street, who, after waving me over to snag another this evening, suggested kindly that I call the post office and inform them that who-so-ever was in charge of this route could not even read on a third grade level. I laughed. I really like this woman. She's the one that brought me the taser to borrow during the last hurricane brew-ha-ha.

How does one politely tell the person who hates them that they've picked the wrong old lady to inadvertently harass? They do not. They just sit back and wait for the fireworks. *smiles meanly*

In other great old-lady news, my mother received an email earlier this past week from an aunt or cousin or other some-such asking her to come look at their photographs on facebook.

Never dangle photographs before the aged. They will lunge.

So I spent the better part of the day, signing her up for facebook and "adding" friends. I never knew the woman was such the social butterfly. Eight hours later and she already more friends than I have amassed in four years. *laughs* And she's seriously wanting a Farmville account--something I wouldn't mind because it would give me the last "friend" I needed to further increase the size of my own farm. *smiles* Is it a sin to get your own mother addicted to on-line gaming?

Add to all of this that she has alredy called me naught but few hours ago to say that JC (a nephew) had "friended" (she nearly dropped the phone just to make the little quotation marks with her fingers) her and given her a "bumper sticker" (this time the phone did hit the kitchen floor) with the word bitch on it.

I don't know if she was shocked or proud. Or both. I distinctly heard a tone of awe in her voice.

This will be... interesting.

And probably very, very time consuming for us both.



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