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Hurry! Offer expires Dec 31, 2009!

I want: Store-In-Drawer Stackable System
Reasons I do not need this:
      -Already have a more than satisfactory floss storage solution
      -Rarely, if ever do I re-use floss due to unnaturally strong opinions on the possibility of "fading"

I really, really want: Stichin' Mittens
Reasons I do not need this:
      -I could very easily make the same for myself
      -They don't even have the biggest size I would need and so would end up sewing my own anyway
      (see above)

I madly, truly, desperately want: Stitchers' Wonder Adjustable Rotating Scroll Frame
Reasons I do not need this:
      -I already have two other frames, one lap and one floor and scroll bars, with both traditional and
      ez stitch attachments in every available size
      -Even should the above frames suddenly break en masse, I have multiple hoops

But all in all, what really matters is that I have, in my grubby little hands, a $5.00 Herrschners coupon. Oh yeah. I don't really think I'll have to tell you whether it is wants or needs who shall win this particular war. *laughs*

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