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To continue the yaoi jet...

Being on a yaoi bender, I *of course* decided to check out aarinfantasy and lo and behold, they had subbed the OVA to one of my all time favorite mangas: Maiden Rose. Naturally, after watching that, I could not withstand the urge to re-read it (and yes, it is every bit as horribly heart rending as I remembered), and that in turn led to me reading the Maiden Rose BBS on mangafox.

And thus, I discovered this gem:

I didn't get what happened to Taki!!!!

did the guy die??????

ok, at the ending of the ova, what happened to Taki? why did he faint/die? and the most important question, why was he bleeding?? it wasn't his arm, was it?

ok, when I first saw this I thought (oh god,, Klaus said he'd put it all in... and now Taki lost his virginity and now he's bleeding)

but 30 minutes later, I remembered that Taki wasn't a girl!!! @_@ so what happened??

so would anyone explain this to me!? please?

Okay. Rule number one folks, if you are not old enough (or mature enough, or, to be perfectly frank, bright enough) to understand why a man who was just FORCIBLY RAPED by a much larger man might be bleeding and/or suffering bouts of unconsciousness, then you are not, and I repeat, NOT old enough (or mature enough, or bright enough, etc) to be reading YAOI!



I think one responder put it more succinctly (and, for that matter, more tactfully) then I could have, namely:

Oh that's a simple answer solved with this ingenious mathematical equation.

Big penis + small hole + butt rape = blood.

J. Washington Irving, signing off!

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