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Just a quick plug:

In a few extra moments I had tonight I clicked back into yaoi_daily. It is a group that really requires time if one is to participate fully and I all but dropped it a few years ago. But as the publishing lines dry up and papered yaoi once more returns to an unpredictable and at times non-existent trickle, I must find some way to satiate the urge. (That, and just having seen the P&T BS episode on pornography find myself lacking even the most basic of social shames--God I love those men).

So anyway, in the name of share and share alike, I plug: yaoi_daily is one of, and most likely the, best communities floating amongst the interwebs for the mutual squee-ing and yes, at times, squick-ing of the yaoi community. If you don't really know what yaoi is, my heart goes out to you. However if you do, and you are over 18 years of age, I strongly suggest you dip toes in this particular pool of wonderment. *smiles*

Frankly, they were able to publish more yaoi in paperback then I ever believed they would, and while many will no doubt be quick to point out that the publishing companies are still fighting for survival, I will only remind: Miracles are always possible, survival achievable, but probable? Well then. That's a whole different can of fish.

I will fight for my yaoi until the very last company gives up the ghost. However, you’ll have to forgive me if I hedge my bets.

Long live yaoi_daily!

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