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Wine...er... Whine, Whine, Whine

Hmmm, I recently replaced the caramel liqueur I put in my nightly coffee with an alcohol-free, sugar-free version and I gotta say, "It is soooo not the same!"

But I am supposed to be focusing more on my health. *rolls eyes*

Next on the list of things I am to be made to give up are my Diet Cokes. What, pray tell, are you people trying to do to me!?


But all I can really do is laugh. *extremely-put-on-laugh* It's really all for the best. *nods*


No, in all seriousness, I really do "get" it. Really. And I wonder sometimes if you really believe I am trying. But I am. Trying... Really.


*sighs* But--love the new coffee cup. And... Love that you care. *smiles*

To a better me!
J. Washington Irving, C.C.L.
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