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Dear Shojo Beat Subscriber,

Okay seriously. I dare you to read the Dear John letter Shojo Beat sent each of their subscribers this month without getting annoyed. Oh, they so casually remark, we've decided to stop publishing, please feel free to express your gratitude at being switched sans warning to Shonen Jump even though we are in the FINAL CHAPTERS of Vampire knight, etc, etc. Oh, but never fear, VK vol. 10 will be released in February of 2010. (Hope you weren't reading Sand Chronicles--January 2010).

What? Scum bags. I get it that current times are not exactly lush. But you could at least bring each of your series to a somewhat more professional end.

Not to mention, a straight refund, or perhaps a letter offering a refund OR a switch to one of the company's sister magazines would have been preferable to having been railroaded into a Shonen Jump subscription. (I say this knowing full well that I read no less than four of their regularly serialized stories. I just really HATE being told what and when to read and/or where to read it).


Oh well Shojo Beat, in the end, the joke is on you. I am a yaoi girl at heart and my interest was only piqued by shojo after a gift subscription of your magazine landed on my doorstep. No, I do not buy Shojo I have not sampled (thanks to your oft indiscriminate publishing, I have discovered that it is frequently a waste of time and money to invest myself in series that I ultimately will not like) and so I do not doubt that the number of shojo GNs I purchase will soon taper to zero (most likely some time around Feb. 2010).

Life has a funny way of coming full circle like that,
J. W. Irving, C.C.L.

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