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It lives!

I am finding myself more and more bored with spending my days skulking about the house "recovering" from my recent trauma(s). At first it was rather fun. (Yea! No work). Now, however, it is monotonous. *smiles*

Talk about difficult to please.

Still, I find myself cruising about "on-line," perusing cross stitch patterns. Yes. I know I already have more patterns than I could finish even if I were to devote eight hours a day, every day for the rest of my life to stitching. I do not care (as if any thread junkie would). However, I am not so foolish as to forget that I have multiple hospital bills to pay and more arriving daily. *sighs* Such are the great quandaries of life. *smiles*

And so, knowing full well that I should walk away, I find my cursor hovering perilously over the "add this to my cart" button. Logic leaves me in the face of beautiful design, or so I intend to claim. *laughs*

No stash of mine will ever be complete. So follows one of the many faults in my nature. *sighs*

You can not tell me they are not beautiful: Japanese Bridge & Garden of Delight

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