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Yet more onionish soul peeling...

J. Washington Irving's Ugly Truth No. 437:

I know every Kansas song ever recorded by heart. I sing them loud and proud.

And yes. I do play air keyboard and/or violin.

J. Washington Irving's Ugly Truth No. 438:

I have a daiken/kensuke musical fliting about my head that invaribly plays out to the tunes of Carry On Wayward Son, Point Of Know Return, Fight Fire With Fire, Song For America, Hold On, No One Together, Play The Game Tonight and The Wall. Yes. I have a mix tape of just those in just that order. Yes. There are bad wigs and the excessive use of jazz hands involved. Yes. Both Ken and Dai have a solo song and if I need to tell you who sings what, then you do not deserve to know. *smiles*

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