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Hugging a Tire...

There is a little cafe at work that stays open until 0200 and I purchase entirely too much junk food from them every time I work. Seriously. I've got to start leaving my credit cards at home. (But what about gas, my mind screeches, or an emergency?)

Today the man working the check out was new and judging by his heavy accent and broken english, not just to this particular job but to this country as well. He smiled when I brought him my cokes (yes, I said cokes, as in multiple) and quickly began the process of checking me out. When he got to the end he reached to hand me a plastic sack.

Now, I do not use the plastic sacks. I have a large purse/bag and it works just fine. But he did not know that, could not have known it and so I just smiled and told him, "It's okay. I'll put them in my bag and we can save a plastic tree.

It's a joke. Admittedly, not a terribly funny one, but still, I was being totally facetious.

He looks me dead in the eye and with the utmost seriousness assures me, "No, no. Don't worry. It's not from tree. It's from tire."

The man was very earnest and very kind, so I could not help but accept the proffered sack. It was however, somewhat difficult for me to keep my countenance neutral, especially as the nurse in line behind me seemed to suddenly suffer a coughing fit at my eco-predicament. *smiles*

Kindness will kill us all.

I'll be free (FREE) as of 10:00 am today!!
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