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Actively Dying might actually KILL me...

Oh the drama!

The scene would most certianly be considered NON-gratutious, and yet I still find it so very difficult to write. I need it. The story won’t work without it and it ties perfectly (perfectly) into the ending that, up until I hit upon the idea for THIS scene, would not present itself.

Still. *cries* It is so damn hard to write.

Why? I know it is not shame or innocence or even lack of reference material—(thank you Kinslayer, Ria, Sugah, Vainglorious, et. al.), yet I am doing good to hack out three lines a night. *sighs*

All this effort is giving me pounding headaches.

Pray for me, my dear ones, and my terribly, terribly put-upon characters—that they may find their release and that I—deep breath—that I might find an alternative name for the penis that does not make me roll my eyes in disgust. *laughs*

Yeah. Strange how, in the end, I always do miss this.

Edit: just upon hitting "save entry" I was startled out of my morose moanings by a cacophonous clattering on my roof and windows. Despite it having been warm enough to jet outside barefoot no more than 3 hours earlier, we are currently experiencing a hail storm and a half. My thoughts go out to my car. *sighs* Oh well, it was still too shiny and pretty anyway.—JWI

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