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Wednesday, October 16th, 2019
9:28 pm - A Prairie Garden II
New finish! A Prairie Garden II by Prairie Schooler:

A Prarie Garden II

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Saturday, September 21st, 2019
2:00 pm - Stitchers' Escapes Alaska!
Just put the last stitch in my most recent Stitchers' Escapes cruise sampler:


I did have to add a line to account for my longer than average name. And I used a little motif and the variegated floss from my Stitchers' Escapes European cruise sampler just because I could. *grins*.

Now to get back to the project I was working on before I left!


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Saturday, August 17th, 2019
9:32 pm - Small Talk, Ch. 3
Small Talk
Chapter 1: Small Talk
Chapter 2: Shark Tank
Chapter 3: No Harm, No Foul

Daisuke sighed.

Everyone has that one person in their life. Or so he told himself

That one friend that they like, truly, whose friendship they value, and yet, that they still find themselves resenting or loathing even, often when they least expect it.

The one person that they try, often vigorously, even desperately, perhaps relentlessly not to hate, and yet, despite their best efforts, still do hate.

It is an enmity that is not constant. It fades with distance and time, and can even disappear entirely upon occasion, replaced by nostalgia and sentimentality. It is a hostility that waxes and wanes, only brought forth by, say, extended and/or frequent proximity to the person in question.

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Saturday, June 15th, 2019
5:13 pm - K is for Kitty
A quick little finish and one of my favorite creatures to boot! Between me and livejournal, I'm hoping this will be for the nursery wall, if you catch my drift. *grins*


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Tuesday, May 28th, 2019
9:37 pm - Cross Stitch Carping...
You know what really drives me way more crazy than it should? People who store their cross stitch floss like this:


I can hear you saying, "But I thought you used plastic totes and bobbins yourself..." To which I answer, "Yes. But I have enough sense to store the bobbins upright so I can read the G-DAMNED FUCKING NUMBERS LIKE A G-DAMNED FUCKING SANE PERSON."

Oh my god. Form over function at its most brain-dead. It's like the ass-hats who turn their book spines around because they like the way it looks. And all because someone who must not have ever stitched much decided the colors were "prettier" when the bobbins were displayed that way and then idiots who use their floss more as a status symbol than say, cross stitch tool said, hey you're right, and started following the leader (directly off the brain-dead cliff).

Anyway. I'm the idiot for letting it get to me. But still, every time I'm scrolling through a cross stitch group and see something like the image above the rage boils, deep inside. Yeah. I think they're fucking posers. Not that it matters. The kind of "stitchers" who would do something so dumb will either, one, stitch enough to figure out how stupid they're being and stand their bobbins up correctly or, two, never stitch enough to matter anyway. It's a problem that ultimately solves itself either way.

Still... I gift you my rage.

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Saturday, May 25th, 2019
10:18 pm - Finished!
The ornament all stitched together:

front            back

I actually did my own cording and tassel (super-duper easy!) using the red and green from the "lattice" sections. I have to say, I'm actually really proud, whether I win or not!

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Friday, May 17th, 2019
7:43 pm - Wow! Christmas in MAY!
Stitched what will be the back to my entry into the Just Cross Stitch Ornament contest. Of course... being me, I've actively sabotaged my chances at winning. For starters, a big part of the score is based on the design fitting the "christmas" theme. As some one who stitches multiple christmas ornaments each year, nothing turns me off quite like traditional "christmas" themes. I've just stitched the same old holly and trees and santas too many times to count.

So this isn't very christmas-like. In fact, one of my main colors is purple/blue.

Also, the rules explicitly stated 14 count. And while most of this is 14 count... I couldn't resist tossing in a little "over one" work as well.

Hey, J. Washington Irving has got to J. Washington Irving. *winks*

Anyway, here's the back of said entry. I'll stitch it and the front (posted earlier) together soon. *grins*


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Tuesday, May 14th, 2019
8:07 pm - Sparkle, Sparkle
Tried out DMC's new(ish) Diamant thread and have to say... I was thoroughly impressed. Usually metallics leave you (me) cussing a blue streak. While this isn't tangle proof and it still works best in relatively small lengths, DMC's version was SIGNIFICANTLY easier to work with than Krienik's. So there's that.

This was just a quick little design of my own:


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Sunday, May 12th, 2019
6:14 pm - Aqua Bird is finished!
One of these days I'm going to buy a tripod so I can post a non-blurry photograph. My hands just keep getting worse and worse. Seriously. This was the best I could find out of what was easily two dozen photographs. Eventually you just have to give in to the inevitable and spend the money. Hahaha!

Anyway, second bird is officially finished. It took waaaaaaaay too long. I've been so exhausted with work lately that even cross stitch seems like it is just too much to ask. The dark fabric did not help. Maybe since my next project is on a lighter fabric, I'll work on it a bit more regularly.

Here's to hoping!


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Sunday, May 5th, 2019
10:03 pm - A Book! A Book! My kingdom for a (good) book!

You ever get on one of those jags where it seems like every book you pick up is just...Ugh?

Yeah? I'm on one of those.

And I find myself more annoyed than usual because the books in question are from such-and-such best seller list and/or so-and-so's book club list and so you'd think, "Hey, this should be a pretty decent read. Or, at the very least, mildly entertaining. Surely most of the country and/or this vaguely bookish celebrity wouldn't put their name behind complete and utter crap."

Only, you'd quickly discover just how wrong you are as you cannot help but notice that the story or the protagonist or the villain or, perhaps even more often, the story AND the protagonist AND the villain are all just so very stupid (like, how do you tie your own shoes? stupid) or cliche or unrealistic (or dumb AND cliche AND unrealistic), that suddenly, you find yourself wanting to rip your own hair out rather than read even one sentence more.

So yeah. I'm on one of those streaks. I've actually managed to accidentally select two separate novels where the "perfect" woman with the "perfect" husband and the "perfect" life is actually being abused (in often painfully unrealistic and clearly un-researched ways--I mean, is it really so much to ask that you at least familiarize yourself with how domestic abuse usually plays out--how victims find themselves entrapped--because, newsflash would be novelists who just happen to be reading this post, it usually isn't like a switch being flipped on the wedding night from kind, loving partner to sadistic control freak who only wants to hurt). *insert eye roll*

And if all that weren't enough, the third novel I started today, only to end up putting back down in disgust, involved a couple that barely had two working brain cells between themselves, who suddenly happened upon a cool 2 million in cash and prizes in the middle of the ocean with no other witnesses present, but who then proceed to muck it all up in the dumbest ways possible. Like seriously. They could have walked away with 2 million, no strings attached. Easily--if they'd just had half a brain.

I put it down when I realized I was actually rooting for the "bad" guys and hoping that they'd kill these two idiots and put us all out of our misery. At least then, you could argue the story had something of a moral: Don't be a dumb ass.

*sighs* If I sound frustrated, it's only BECAUSE I AM. I feel like it has been entirely too long since I actually read something good. I almost expect this when I'm trolling through fanfiction.net or AO3. There, you're more likely than not to find something someone literally typed up that very same afternoon (guilty!) or to find someone with the vocabulary of a poorly read 16 year old (because they're actually only 12).

But the people writing these published novels are (supposed to be) backed by editors and proofreaders who can tell them the hard truths about how a good idea does not necessarily a good story make without hours and hours and hours of hard work editing and refining and improving, etc.

And while there's still a chance that some of these stories might have gotten there at some point... They weren't there yet.

Not by a long shot.

And I think that that may be my biggest frustration of all--opportunity squandered.

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Saturday, March 23rd, 2019
8:24 pm - Going Postal
I am really late to the Discworld Series. Like 30 years late. I can remember people being excited about them back in the early 90's and I've been meaning to read them since then.

You know, eventually.

I had actually kind of forgotten all about them until a coworker recommended the novel Good Omens (her words: slightly, okay very, sacrilegious--right up your alley) which was co-written by the Discworld author, Terry Pratchett, and Neal Gaiman. I thoroughly enjoyed Good Omens, more than even some of the novels I had read solely written by Neal Gaiman, and that reignited my want to actually read some, if not all of Terry Pratchett's Discworld books.

But where does one begin in such a gigantic, interwoven, complex world? Ask the internets. And when I googled, "Where to start Discworld," the internets said, "Going Postal." So I did.

And I have thoroughly enjoyed it.

Especially this passage, which, you must bear in mind, was found in the 33rd book of a series written, this case, in 2004, by a British author who, sadly, passed away in 2015:

going postal1

As an American reader in 2019, it warmed my heart to know that, at least in regards to some things, we're all equally idiotic.

And for the record, Pratchett, or rather this physician in Pratchett's novel, really did divulge the best way of dealing with nurses:
going postal2

The man was correct, one shouldn't argue with white-clad women who pronounce "what" (as in "Hwhat are you doing in here?") with two H's. *grins*

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Monday, March 18th, 2019
8:49 pm - There was a crooked (wo)man...

There was a crooked woman, and she walked a crooked mile,
She found a crooked sixpence against a crooked stile;
She bought a crooked cat which caught a crooked mouse,
And they all lived together in a little crooked house.

Sometimes life imitates art. I am a crooked little woman. And I live in a very, very crooked house. Nothing is plumb, nothing is level. I doubt there is one, single, 45 degree angle in this entire place (and if there is, it most certainly is where a 45 degree angle shouldn't be).

Even the switch plates and outlet covers are crooked.

Whoever put this house together clearly did it by eye. And their eyes were not set straight in their head.

I mean, I love it.

It fits my crooked personality to a T (ironically enough).

And, normally, its not even that noticeable to the lay person. That is to say, when everything is crooked, nothing is.

Or so I should remember.

Because for some strange, unknown reason, this crooked little woman, living in this crooked little house (with all her crooked little cats) absolutely INSISTS on hanging things level, thus assuring that the only thing they appear to be is CROOKED.


I think the irony might be driving me mad.

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Saturday, March 9th, 2019
9:13 am - Can we PLEASE stop taunting the deranged android !?
I'm just going to say it. Some times I really relate to Jyou:


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Sunday, February 10th, 2019
8:32 pm - Muckduck!
The idea for this was actually a text .gif sent to me by mistake. Hahaha! Inspiration from the oddest places.

You may recognize the quote if you are a fan of a show called The Office (American version). It's a present for a co-worker who will be moving shortly. *grins*


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Saturday, January 26th, 2019
1:51 am - One more quick(ish) finish...
Snuck one in between birds. This is for a (soon to be ex-)coworker. Sometimes you just see a pattern and think, I need to stitch that for X person.

In fact, if you don't feel that, I would't recommend even trying.

But when you do, things knock out really fast. *grins*


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Saturday, January 19th, 2019
1:33 pm - Tweet Tweet!
I know I say this every time, but for the love of god Mill Hill, sort your ever-lovin' threads! Or, if you can't be bothered to do that much, at least give me something else to go on like, say, the number of strands you've included of each color. Anything to keep me from having to spend crazy amounts of time under a full spectrum lamp trying to decipher light from medium from dark.

So anyway, this is a Debbie Mumm design. Frankly, I've not seen much Debbie Mumm that I really liked. Not my style. But when I saw the four birds in the "Out on a Limb" series, somehow I just knew I would have to stitch them.

I've switched out the 16 count chocolate aida included with the kit for some 32 count chocolate linen. I really don't like the look of aida. But otherwise, it is stitched as charted.

bird 1
Orange Bird

I'm stitching each bird individually on their own piece of linen but intend to have them all framed together.

Next bird: Aqua!


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Saturday, January 5th, 2019
10:18 am - First Finish of 2019!
A quick little start to the year. I had an extra leg up on the stitching thanks to a Doctor Who marathon all day long New Year's day. *grins*

It's a French pattern titled Joli Bouquet. I love doing patterns from other countries. I mean sure, floss numbers require no translation. But it still makes me feel multilingual. Hahaha!


Next I'm going to do Mill Hill's little series of 4 birds designed by Debbie Mumm. I'm not usually that big a fan of Debbie Mumm designs but these little guys just spoke to me.

Oh, who are we kidding... we all know it's the beads. Any excuse to use some beads. Ha!

Speaking of beads. I have come to a decision. I've wanted to stitch the Alpine Garden Mandala by Chatelaine designs for years now. But man-oh-man, those silks, those crystals, that linen! I'm not made of gold. But this will be my celebration gift if things clear up at the hospital. I'm going back to 40 hours starting next week (they had us cut to 32) and if that lasts and (bigger if) we get news that someone is actually interested in buying us out and we won't be shutting down after all, then I will buy my Chatelaine.

That's a promise I make to me. *grins*

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Monday, December 31st, 2018
2:57 pm - Final stitch of 2018
Last finish of 2018! A freebie from Ink Circles:

Stitched one over one on 32 count linen. I used the same overdyed silk as I used in my big Ink Circles "Cirque des Carreaux". You may notice I left part of the design off so that i could use a round ornament I bought years and years a go and look at every year and think... surely there is something I could stitch for that. Hahaha! Finally!

Now to spend the rest of the day picking out and kitting up my first project for 2019. Preferably something in large print as my eyes are crossing after stitching this. *grins*

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Sunday, December 23rd, 2018
3:46 pm - Christmas Ornaments
For some reason, I can't seem to get into the Christmas spirit this year. It doesn't feel like it is time for that yet. It may be the unseasonably warm weather we're having. It may be that Tuesday just doesn't seem like a very festive day. Regardless, I looked up and realized, "OH shit! I haven't FFOed my christmas ornaments yet!"

So I did that today.

Maybe now, I'll actually wrap some presents. :p


Then again... I've still got one more day.

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Friday, December 14th, 2018
8:51 pm
Most people have facebook for airing these kinds of rants. I don't. So you'll just have to suffer through.

I just wanna call BS on the society-based standard that not being a morning person, specifically that sleeping in, makes you lazy and a less valuable member of said society.

Hog wash, I declare. Rubbish!

I am not a morning person. This is something I have known about myself since before even entering adolescence. If I am allowed my natural sleep schedule I usually go to bed around 12:00 or 01:00 am and awake naturally between 09:30 and 10:00.

Yes, I require a minimum of 8 hours to function without feeling "fogged". To awake feeling rested and ready to take on a new day I require between 9-10 hours.

Before anyone feels the need to chirp up that they sleep <6 hours per night, I am aware that there are people out there who function well on 6 or fewer hours. I think that there are many fewer people out there who can than there are who claim they can, but they still exist (and the fact that there are so many people who [falsely] believe that requiring fewer hours of sleep than "usual" is better just goes to show you that society places a false value on this trait). They are on one end of this particular bell curve, I am on the other.

Anyway, back to my original point: If I am allowed to function in the way that makes my body feel good (i.e. sleep "late"), my energy soars, I get up with purpose and get things done, my mood improves, I eat healthier (without craving the fatty, salty and sweet foods I crave when I am sleep deprived).

Take today for instance. I am working the "evening" shift for the first time in a long time. I awoke naturally this morning and then proceeded to clean my house, do a couple loads of laundry, get the stuff together for our christmas party next week and make myself a healthy, filling breakfast that I then ate at my leisure. All before going to work, where, having been fully rested and in a good mood, I have managed everything so well that I am 100% caught up and able to goof around on livejournal with 1.5 hours still left on the shift.

This is not usually how my day goes. As the Pharmacy Operations Manager/Clinical Pharmacy Manager (How's that for a ridiculously pompous title?), I work an "ideal" schedule of 0830-1700 M-F. I haven't always worked this shift. For many years I was perfectly happy and healthy working 1330-2200 (the shift I'm working tonight). However moving further up the chain of command meant, among other things, succumbing to, as a higher-schmuck actually said to me, an "adult schedule".

So now I usually get up when my alarm clock goes off at 0700 (still not early by many people's standards), stumble into the shower, feed the cats, stuff something less than ideal down my own gullet and then race off to work so that I can be there by 0830. I then spend 8 hours doing my best to be as productive as possible, a task made harder than necessary by the fatigue and mental fog brought on by my body not chemically being where my schedule has placed it. I usually get home by 1745 or 1800, at which point I collapse mindlessly in front of the TV for a few hours before getting up and going to bed around 2100 where, again, because my circadian rhythm is not actually in sync with the life I am trying to live, I lie with my eyes closed, trying to sleep, often for several hours. When sleep does finally overtake me, it is usually so late that I've all but guaranteed a repeat of the same issue the next day.

I know what some of you are thinking: You just need to get used to your new schedule. Eventually your body will adapt.

To which I say: bull shit.

I've been working this schedule for a little over 2 years now. I've done everything I'm supposed to do. I have limited caffeine in the AM. I have limited screen time in the PM. I am careful not to give in to my natural inclinations on the weekends and sleep in/throw off my circadian rhythm.

I'd been trying so hard to do it "right" that I didn't even realize until I did it "wrong" today just what a steaming pile of BS the whole thing was.

So I'm formally calling shenanigans on the societal standard that to be happy, healthy and successful, you have to be the sort that springs out of bed at 0600 bright eyed and bushy tailed. Nor am I saying that it's better to be the sort who naturally feels better and is more productive/creative late at night. We all just "are."

So don't be so bleeping judgemental and just bleeping deal already, people!

Anyway. That was probably too long for FB. Maybe LJ was the right place for this after all *grins*

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Saturday, December 8th, 2018
8:48 pm - Livejournal Birthday
There is nothing to this post. Nothing except to say that my very first ever livejournal post was on December 8, 2002.


Holy shit, internets. I've had this thing for 16 years.

For some strange reason, my profile says account started May 13, 2003. I don't know why. I don't even have journal entry for that day. I thought that maybe that might be the day I bought a permanent account but that seems a little early. I don't think that that was for a few years after that. So hmmm... I don't know. Maybe that was the day livejournal and I finally said, "I love you," and we sealed the deal.


Because, weirdly sexual anthropomorphisms aside, it has been SIXTEEN freaking years, people!


I'm actually kind of proud. *grins*

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Friday, December 7th, 2018
4:43 pm - Stitchers' Escapes Commemorative Sampler circa 2016
Stayed up waaaaaaaay too late last night working on this but it was hard to stop when I knew I was so very close to finishing:


You'll note the date says 2016 instead of 2018. This is actually from the 2016 Stitchers' Escapes cruse (west coast America) and the designer (Jean Farish) was kind enough to gift me a copy during our 2018 cruise.

I loved stitching it. In addition to the usual cross stitches there were also several stitches more often considered "embroidery" or "needlepoint" stitches. Just something a little different and, as anyone who has seen my Little Ghost Girl might have guessed, something near and dear to my artsy-fartsy heart. *grins*

Now to get it pressed and (if it ever stops storming) get it and the 2018 commemorative sampler off to the framers. Then I can start thinking about where I can hang them both. I need some place with, shall we say, room to grow so that I have a good excuse to go on even more Stitchers' Escapes cruises.

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Monday, November 26th, 2018
12:17 pm - Santa Claws is coming to town...
Tree is up, let the destruction commence!


I can already hear the tell-tale tinkling of bells being batted.

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Saturday, November 17th, 2018
8:13 pm - Small Talk, Chapter 2 (Digimon Fanfic)
Disclaimer: I don't own Digimon

Small Talk
Chapter 2: Shark Tank

Missed Chapter 1? Click Here!

Ken fucking hated that toothbrush.

He hated it.

He didn’t say anything because, really, what kind of person begrudges another person, a supposed friend no less, the 2 square inches of apartment space required to keep an extra toothbrush. Ken was determined not to be “that guy.”

But that didn’t mean that he didn’t really, really hate that fucking toothbrush.

Ken reached for his own toothbrush, knocking Daisuke’s just far enough to leave it teetering on the edge of the sink, tilting precariously over the small rubbish bin beneath. This would be fate’s decision.

Ken frowned when the cup steadied without falling. Why did fate always seem to favor Daisuke? And what kind of grown man kept his toothbrush in a cup decorated with duckies and bunnies?

Apparently the kind who also insisted on using only strawberry scented shampoo and who wore Gundam themed PJs to bed.

Read more...Collapse )

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Sunday, October 28th, 2018
10:23 am - Digimon!
Okay this is just panel 3 of a 3 panel comic but... every time I see it, it cracks me up.


I can just hear that little, always vaguely sarcastic, Tokomon voice.

Oh, Takeru...

And because, far be it from me to actually post twice in one day, a quick little cross stitch finish:


Charted and stitched by yours truly. Scan at your own risk.

J. Washington Irving

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